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Digital Project - Dropbox

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  1. Dropbox Web site
  2. Become a Dropbox User with ANRL’s Link:
  3. ANRL now uses Dropbox Pro which has a max size of 1 TB and an annual cost of $99.
ANRL’s Dropbox Folders
Folder Approx Size Purpose
AAA_Shared_ANRL_Folder 500 MB This is a temporary folder for sharing
ANRL-Database 700 MB FileMaker 13 Pro files
ANRL-Operations 200 MB Procedures, User Guides, Documentation, Workflows
ANRL-PROJECTS 1 GB A hundred or more folders
ANRL-Magazines 200 GB ~4,500 Scanned Magazines by Magazine Title
ANRL-Newsletters 20 GB Scanned Newsletters by Club Name
ANRL-Who’s Who 1 GB PDF files of scanned folders
ANRL-Video 50 MB Videos shot at ANRL plus Video Interviews
ANRL-Web-Site 50 MB All source files used on our Web site
ANRL_MP3 100 MB These are mostly from audio tapes