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Open Research Projects

Aug 08, 2013
ANRL is a “Research Library” that has a huge collection of Books, Magazines, Pictures, DVDs, Audio Cassettes and other material focusing on the Nudist Lifestyle from it’s early history in this country to the present. Numerous researchers have visited ANRL and have found valuable information for their research projects. (Details to be added here soon…)

Much of the Library’s content has been converted to digital in the form of .pdf and .mp3 files however, searching that digital data across a huge number of documents is a challenge.

The Library is wanting to enhance it’s collection with completed Research Documents. If you know of any research document then please let us know and we could add it to our database.

We need ideas and help to develop a retrieval system to answer questions and facilitate research projects. Some things we need are:

  1. Method of indexing and cataloging research documents
  2. Completed Research Documents

Recent Requests

We get requests for help with research in various areas and this is a list of recent requests. We’ll add to the list as we continue.

  1. I’m studying of the lack of supply and promotion of tourist destinations nudists/naturists in Argentina. I’m interested in the history dealing with tourism to the public Naturist/Nudist. There are travel agencies that promote accommodation, beaches, and tourist sites that offer a space for naturalist tourists in my country. I’m looking for any previous research work or thesis for use as a theoretical framework for my project, since I have not found a history dealing with tourism to the public Naturist/Nudist in the travel/tourist web sites. Any information that you could suggest would be very useful. (Jun 29, 2013)

  2. I am looking for anything from publication in the fifties or sixties that describe the American Sunbathers Association’s tenants like lack of alcohol, etc. of what they believed in. Maybe one of their publications from that era might have some interesting info on the beliefs of the era? (Jun 28, 2013)

  3. Regarding expanded use and back-up - Has there been discussion of allowing an academic institution to hold the back-up for the ANRL? (Ref: Carl M. Hild, PhD - Member: 4162 - Aug 06, 2013)
    • Has there been discussion of working with an academic institution to foster student investigations that utilize the ANRL materials? This could range from a person in Library Science, to Behavioral Health, to Sociology, to Anthropology, and other fields?
    • Has there been discussion about copyright issues for the “Orphan Journals” for which there is often concern by academic libraries?