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Jan 23, 2017 rap

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I finished reviewing the features of MarkdownPad Pro, that's an upgrade to the free MarkdownPad 2 that I have been using. I went ahead and bought a license for MarkdownPad Pro which costs $14.95. Seemed to me that was a better and lower cost option than going to Coffee Cup Pro, a fancier editor that costs about $70 to upgrade from the free Coffee Cup version.

I have not yet had much time to play around with MarkdownPad Pro yet - - - e.g. coding some test pages - - - but wanted to point you at some links that describe its features:

Feature Comparison of MarkdownPad2 versus MarkdownPad Pro:

Feature Comparison

To get to the specific point you were interested in - - - tables - - - it appears that tables are one of various advanced features accessible in MarkDownPad Pro using an extension called PHP MarkDown Extra. Using the MarkDownPad Extra Processor is a feature that can be toggled in MarkDownPad Pro.

Here is a link to a page which describes the advanced support features of Extra in more detail:

Extra Features

In order to use the Extra syntax when you set up MarkDownPad Pro, you must make the following change in options: Go to Options > Tools > Markdown > Markdown Processor > and enter MarkDown Extra from the dropdown list.

The MDP Extra syntax for construct a simple table is shown at this link:

Table Support

David Foote