Jan 17, 2014 Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes of ANRL’s Annual Membership Meeting

Meeting date: Jan 17, 2014 at the library in Cypress Cove Resort in Kissimmee, FL.

Report submitted by: Bob Proctor, ANRL Secretary - Jan 24, 2014

The audio recording of the meeting is available in two parts on our Web site

Part 1
Part 2

  1. Meeting called to order at 11:11 AM by: Vice President John Frakes

  2. Roll Call and attendees: Helen Fisher, Secretary
    1. Board: Edward Waller (President), John Frakes (Vice President), Helen Fisher (Secretary), Roe Ostheim (Treasurer)
    2. Board Members not attending: Roger Vonland (2nd Vide President), Ted Hadley (Director)
    3. Others attending: JoAn & Frank Marchese, Dave Graber, Ed Westen, Jim Sweeney, Harry Wescott, Gerd Noyes, Fred VanNest, Lana VanNest, Bob Proctor, Becky Silverstein, Mark Silverstein, Susan Shopero, Jonathan Shopero
  3. Minutes of Nov 15, 2013 meeting: Minutes are available on our Web site at http://anrl.org/nov-15-2013-board-meeting Motion to approve the minutes. seconded and accepted.

  4. President’s Report: Edward Waller made a statement that he didn’t have anything to say except that this is his last meeting as President. Becky Silverstein gave a nice “Thank You” statement for Edward’s time as President. The transition to a new President will start with a meeting between old and new Presidents.

  5. Vide President’s Report: John Frakes asked about ANRL’s 35th Anniversary Event. He tried to get enthusiasm for a “Wine and Cheese” event. Fred suggested coordinating with the AANR Board Meeting in late February. John hoped we had a committee to plan this.

  6. Secretary’s Report: Helen Fisher said it’s her last meeting as Secretary. She’ll do what she can but she still hasn’t written up the tasks she does or how she does each task. The transition to a new Secretary will start with a meeting between old and new Secretarys.

  7. Treasurer’s Report: Roe Ostheim distributed copies of the Treasures Report.
    • Roe reported that we spent more on Technical Committee, and we have fewer paying members. Digital Fund money is in a CD with an approximate value of $29,000.
    • Fred was asking if our income covers our expenses.
    • John thinks the digital expense will diminish next year but gave no details.
    • Clubs to take up membership and this could help with funding.
    • Postage stamps have been purchased in bulk in the past, before rates went up. We have a supply of over 350 first class stamps on hand.
    • The following people have credit cards: Edward Waller, Bob Proctor and Helen Fisher. Roe reported that receipts have not been submitted correctly and she asked for better support, including receipts that include only library items purchased, categorized as “Digital” or “General”. Roe wants paper copies of receipts, not Email.
    • John suggested that printer ink used at home should be invoiced to the Library.
  8. Scanning Report: Ed Westen
    • Ed demonstrated how his computer can show the 1,511 issues (~75,000 pages) of magazines that have been scanned. Ed explained that the post-processing time is 3X the time of scanning.
    • Ed asked about selling or lending DVDs and Bob suggested that a committee look at this issues
  9. Newsletter Report: Jim Sweeney
    • 21 clubs provide newsletters
    • 17 newsletters are delivered to us by Email or on-line
    • We continue to get some paper newsletters
    • More than 300 Newsletters processed last year
  10. Election of Officers, Nominating Committee Report: Fred VanNest
    • Fred discussed how he went about selection of candidates for each office
    • Nomination for President: Dave Graber
      • Although Dave has had no library experience, he has management experience at General Motors & Cove’s Remote Control Yacht Club, has worked as a Licensed handyman, and has held various positions at AANR
      • Dave is a brain picker and tries to become educated with all viewpoints before making decisions
      • Very people oriented
      • Has personally done research done at ANRL over the past few years in 1) Nudism and Religion and 2) 50th anniversary of AANR-Midwest
    • Nominations from the floor: Ed Westen was nominated but Ed declined
    • Nomination for Vice President: John Frakes
    • Nominations from the floor for Vice President: Bob Proctor nominated Ed Westen. Ed declined the nomination but said he’d serve if elected officer was not able to serve.
    • Nominations for 2nd Vice President: Roger Vonland: Fred nominated Ed Westen but Ed declined and said he’d serve if elected officer was unable.
    • Nominations for Secretary: Fred nominated Bob Proctor
    • Nominations for Treasurer: Fred nominated Roe Ostheim
  11. Motion was made and seconded to close nominations.

  12. Fred made a motion that the secretary Cast ballot to accept the slate of officers as proposed. Motion seconded and approved.

  13. Election Results:
    1. President: Dave Graber
    2. Vice President: John Frakes
    3. 2nd Vice President: Roger Vonland
    4. Secretary: Bob Proctor
    5. Treasurer: Roe Ostheim
  14. Report of committees that were proposed at last: Nothing reported

  15. Report of status of write-ups of tasks and responsibilities of outgoing President and Secretary: Nothing reported

  16. Membership report: Bob Proctor
    • All membership records are now on the FileMaker 12 database
    • Address verification: Reminder notifications have been sent to all unverified members asking for Email verification: sent by USMail, Email or Phone.
    • Member Statistics
    • 102 have validated Email addresses
      • 11 prefer USMail
      • 38 have no Email address
      • 27 have unvalidated Email addresses
      • 68 Paid-Up dues paying members
      • 9 Over-Due dues paying members (less than a half year over-due)
      • 25 Tardy dues paying members (more than a half year over-due)
    • Delivery of reminders, invoices, membership certificates and membership cards is now being done with Email.
  17. Publicity Report: Bob Proctor
    • Closed Facebook Group now has 76 members
    • Newsletter distributed by USMail
    • Newsletter is available on our Web site
    • ANRL Article in The Bulletin (January 2014 issue, page 12) on “Preserving our Nudist History”, by Ashley Beahan
    • Numerous blurbs in the Cypress Cove Knee
    • Ted Hadley’s letter to Cypress Cove Residents
    • Blurb in the Lake Como’s “The Flash”
    • Postings in RixPlace (list server chat area)
    • Mark Silverstein announced that an article on ANRL will be included in a future issue of the Naturist Society’s “N Magazine”
    • Ed Wested announced that an ANRL table would be setup on a future Nude Cruise
  18. Newsletter report: Mark & Becky Silverstein
    • Newsletters were printed at a cost of over $450 and distributed via USMail at a postage cost of over $50.00
    • Bob reported that over 65 members had requested Email delivery at the time of the mailing
    • Bob reported that the newsletter is available on the Web site
  19. Adjournment: Motion made and seconded to adjourn the meeting (12:41 PM), Accepted.