Explanation of color codes for this draft version:

RED indicates a needed new procedure or policy that needs to be written. Appropriate personnel should be tasked to write the new procedure, or the new procedure might be dropped or postponed.

MAGENTA indicates items that might be a change or restatement of historical policy. It is a cautionary notation that should be reviewed and approved before going final.

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The American Nudist Research Library (ANRL) was established in 1979 to preserve the history of social nudism. In the mid-1970's, it had occurred to several individuals, long associated with the American social nudist scene, that time was running out on the preservation of much contemporary information about the origin and development of the American nudist movement. Already, key personalities had died, and in a surprising number of cases left no autobiographical material to shed light on their thinking about the movement. Magazines, journals, and publishers had come and gone and no comprehensive library remained of their publishing efforts. National nudist organizations had failed to establish --- much less maintain --- depositories of nudist history.

With each passing year, the records of the past were becoming more widely scattered. Some individuals with relatively complete data on certain aspects of the nudist experience had no idea what to do with such records. Magazines, brochures, club bulletins, convention folders, regional minutes, records of court cases, and a host of other memorabilia had been discarded, or housed in useless disarray. Thus the record of the times, of which such things were an integral part, had become blurred, diminished, and in a number of instances simply obliterated. To stop this erosion of memory and to collect, house, preserve, and display records of the national American social nudist movement, the American Nudist Research Library was founded.

There is no way that any of us can halt or slow the rush of time which will ultimately ring down the curtain on our own nudist recollections. But, assuredly, there is a step we can take now which will perpetuate as history this nudist experience of which we are a part. And that step, indeed the key purpose of this organization, is to comprehensively preserve the records of nudist history

The American Nudist Research Library is a long range project pledged to just such an undertaking. It is a grass roots, non-profit effort to provide a depository for all manner of social nudist history --- and to accord to this long struggling movement a dignified repository for its record of successful social struggle.

Revised 7/16

"With Pride In The Past"


This manual is a "what to do" guide for attendant librarians to assist them in the efficient daily operations of the Library. This manual is subject to change as operational enhancements and circumstances may require. While some temporary changes and exceptions to the procedures outlined in this guide may arise from time to time, any changes are not to be considered final until they are incorporated into this guide and published in the staff only section of the anrl.org website.

If users of this guide notice anything appearing to be outdated or incorrect, or any procedures that have been omitted from the guide, please bring them to the attention of any senior librarian or ANRL board member.

Revised 7/16


Opening the Library
Closing the Library
Librarian Work Station
Borrowing Procedures
Material Handling Procedures
Membership Procedures

Policy Statement
ANRL Purposes
Sample Gate Pass
Membership Application
Magazine / Book "Sale" Record
ANRL Donation Record

Revised 7/16



  1. Unlock both locks on the door. After entering, make sure lower lock is turned so that visitors may enter. Turn on both inside and outside lights and turn sign on door to open.
  2. Don't adjust the thermostats, which are set at 76 to keep the humidity low. If the heat is too high or low in the winter time, it may be reset to heating at 72 but must be reset back to AC at 76 degrees upon closing. Assure that the dehumidifier located in the restroom is functioning properly and leave the door to the restroom closed when the library is open. Check both air conditioners to be sure that they are o.k. (not leaking water.)
  3. Verify that the correct day and date are displayed on the greeting table.
  4. Verify that the visitors' guest book is open.
  5. Check for any special notes on the librarian's information board, or on the main desk. Please note the surplus magazine prices for donation. They change periodically. The discounts for Library members are listed on the desk.
  6. Cordially greet visitors and request that they sign our guest book. For safety of our collection and security, all guest bags should be left under the front table and no food or drink is allowed. If visitors have oily hands and arms, ask them to please wash before handling any Library material. For health and hygienic reasons, please ask all nude visitors to sit on a towel or other such personal item.
  7. If it is a visitor's first time in the Library, take a few minutes to inform them about ANRL and its purposes, its holdings, how it is financed, and that it is a non-profit membership organization. Tell them that ANRL members enjoy borrowing privileges, including discounts and borrowing by mail. Offer every new visitor an ANRL membership form and tell them the Library would be pleased to have them as a new member
  8. Advise all patrons about surplus ANRL materials available for specified donations, and that library members receive a discount from the specified donation amounts. Avoid using words such as "sale" or "sell" since we are a non-profit organization.
  9. Point out the different areas of the Library, and its different resources. Advise them of Library policy regarding making photocopies and use of personal cameras within the library. (NOTE: A new policy should be written about photocopies and the use of personal cameras/phones to take pictures of material) Also, remind them to put any books and magazines which they take off the shelves into the box marked for that purpose at the end of the main patron table.
  10. Control use of patron-accessible electronic equipment in the library (DVD/CD players, VCR and television). They are to be used only for visitors to view ANRL electronic media (DVDs, CDs, VHS videos, etc).
  11. Check out books and videos to Library members (see Borrowing Procedures)
  12. When visitors leave, inform them of the hours of operation and invite them to return If they are new to the Library, give them our brochure.

Revised 7/16



  1. Make entries in Log Book kept in upper right hand desk drawer.
    • Number of visitors
    • Monies taken in per receipt and include names of any visitors joining the library during the open hours.
    • Initial the log entry
  2. Lock the cash bag in file cabinet (back of second drawer from the top) and place the key in the computer desk top small door.
  3. Turn the door sign to CLOSED and turn off outside light.
  4. Verify all publications have been re-filed from the collection box on the library table.
  5. Assure AC is set to 76 and door into the work room is open for air to circulate. Also, reopen the door to restroom so dehumidifier will circulate the air.
  6. Verify power is off on VCR, DVD Player, and TV. Leave the computers and copier as is unless otherwise directed.
  7. Turn off inside lights (fans operate on same switch), and turn on the light outside the door.
  8. Lock the door, making sure both locks are secured.

Revised 7/16


Librarians should be familiar with the various supplies and equipment near their desk, including computers, copiers, telephone, keys, mail trays for ANRL volunteers, supplies for check-out, membership applications, rubber stamps for various documents, receipts for donations, records of release of surplus material for donation, etc.

  • The Material Information Station consists of important materials in several boxes and racks near the librarian desk. Follow the link and read the details about the purposes of the various components.

  • Computers: To be developed. All computers, library computers and patron computers, should be explained to the Librarians

  • Keys: To be developed. What keys do we have and where are they kept.

  • Copier: To be developed.

  • Cash bag: To be developed

  • Supplies: To be developed. What forms and supplies are used, and where are they kept.


Members of the Library are now entitled to borrow specified books and videos for personal use. For many years, ANRL was not a lending library, but the policy was changed in hopes that it would attract a larger membership and because borrowing is closely controlled and involves only those items for which the Library holds multiple copies.

Librarians are responsible to check out materials to members, and to check it in upon return. Most of the time, borrowing is done in person, but the Library is testing a program of borrowing through the mail as a way of attracting more members outside the local area.

Detailed procedures can be viewed by following this link to Borrowing Procedures


Borrowing (as described above) is part of a bigger process that librarians should understand which is called material handling. Material handling refers to the overall flow of material within, into and out of the library. Besides borrowing, material handling includes new material coming into the Library from purchases or donations; release (sale) of surplus material when patrons make a donation to the Library; scanning of magazines, newsletters, and other items; binding magazines into bound volumes; etc.

The Library uses specific systems to keep track of all this movement of material, and it is important that all volunteers have a basic understanding of the systems so that our database is kept accurately updated.

Further details can be viewed by following this link to Material Handling Procedures

Revised 7/16


RENEWAL OF MEMBERSHIP FOR MEMBERS WALKING INTO THE LIBRARY (Membership renewals by mail are done by membership staff)

For members walking in the door to renew their membership, take their check or cash, make sure their membership number and name are with it, enclose them in an envelope and put in the membership tray. Tell them that their renewal membership card will be mailed to them.

We welcome anyone 18 or over to take out a new membership in the Library. The American Nudist Research Library will not discriminate based on age (except to meet the minimum age requirement), race, creed, religion, political or ethnic background or sexual orientation.

  1. Have the individual fill out a Membership Application There is a supply of these forms on the greeting table. Have the visitor print the information so that it is legible. Tell him or her that a membership card will be mailed to them.

  2. Place the application form and check or cash in an envelope and place it in the membership tray for further processing.

Revised 7/16


  • Visitors to the Library may not access the private restroom and any area beyond the main Library area. Visitors should not be allowed behind the librarian desk area.
  • Access to the Johnson Alcove should be carefully monitored, and permission to access should only be given to visitors when it is determined that they will be using this area specifically for research, or other scholarly applications.
  • Activities of visitors should be monitored at all times.
  • Bags must be checked under the front table. No drinks or food are allowed in the library.
  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Non-members will need to utilize a gate pass to access the grounds. If a visitor has made arrangements to visit the Library, the Librarian should call the gate and give them the visitor's name. The gate should call the Library on the visitor's arrival. The visitor will bring a gate pass. When the visitor leaves, the Librarian should note the time on the gate pass, and call the gate to notify them of the guest's departure.

Photography (of the library interior and/or people in the library) is allowed only with permission of a board member or the owners of Cypress Cove Resort. Photo releases must be obtained from all persons being photographed. The forms are in the second file drawer from the top.

Photography of library materials is governed by a separate policy on photocopying and photography of materials which will be developed.

Revised 7/16


The American Nudist Research Library has been established to preserve the history of social nudism. It is a non-profit organization licensed by the state of Florida. It is considered a PRIVATE LIBRARY OPEN TO ANRL MEMBERS AND CYPRESS COVE VISITORS / MEMBERS. Other non-members, but interested parties, may be allowed to visit the Library by making arrangements in advance of the actual day of visitation by calling, e-mailing or writing the Library. The visitor may be required to present proper identification upon their arrival. Rules for this type of visit are available to the interested party upon his / her request.

1. Non-members of ANRL - Advance request is mandatory and admission permit has to be available at the gate to gain entrance.
2. Member of ANRL - person must show proof of membership or gate may call Library to confirm such. Picture I.D. is required and the gate will record vehicle identification.
3. When the visitor checks in at the gate, the gate will call the Library and confirm permission to visit. The visitor will be issued a Gate Pass for direct routing to the Library. (See pass example at the end of this manual).
4. The librarian shall welcome the visitor, obtain the gate pass and if the visitor is a non-member, record the name and address from the driver's license.
5. When the visitor leaves the Library, the gate is to be called in his / her presence and informed that he / she is leaving. The librarian will enter his / her name and time departed on the Gate Pass and give it to the visitor with instructions that he / she must return the pass to the gate when leaving the resort. About 3 minutes after the guest has left, phone the gate to confirm that the visitor has returned the pass to the gate attendant and has left the property.
5. SHOULD IT BE DETERMINED THAT THE VISITOR HAS NOT EXITED THE GATE, THE CYPRESS COVE OFFICE SHOULD BE NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY. Non-compliance of turning in the pass to the gate can result in a search of the grounds and probable cause to not allow further visits.
6. This procedure is established to legally protect both the Library and Cypress Cove Resort.

Revised 7/16

Current Member Application Form

Gate Pass
Gate Pass from Original SOP

Book Sale Record from original SOP

Donation Record from original SOP

Revised 7/16