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Note: ANRL’s policy of not lending books or videos has been changed and we now allow members to borrow material for 1 week.


The Library has a collection of books and manuscripts that cover a wide range of topics related to nudism. Our collection has books on the history and philosophy of nudism, plus many topics including photography and club management. Guide books from around the world cover clothing optional beaches, resorts, travel and destinations. Books may be read in the Library. Members can borrow Archive–2 Books. Surplus–1 books are offered for a donation to the library. While most books are in english a few in other languages.

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The ANRL has a very extensive collection of nudist magazines. Thousands of issues dating from the 1930’s to the present are available as individual magazines, groups bound together according to year and as scanned, digital files ready to be viewed on a computer. A wide range of topics such as nudist history, the fight to defend and protect individual freedoms, travel both domestic and foreign, and personal essays are addressed. Foreign magazines make up a significant and interesting part of the collection. Whether you are seeking information on the best tropical island to visit or would like to read about “My First Nudist Experience”, our magazine archive has it all.

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Club and Organization Information and Newsletters

Through the years, more and more clubs have been formed to offer social nudity a better atmosphere for recreation and fellowship and nudist associations have grown worldwide. All of these groups have accumulated data in the form of newsletters, brochures, club histories, media releases, photographs, and memorabilia. The Library has organized its original information into club binders and paper files. Much of this content has been scanned and can be viewed on computer at the Library. We always encourage both clubs and individuals to send us documents related to the history of the nudist lifestyle. While our Newsletter collection is quite extensive, it is far from complete. We hope that clubs will review the listings of what’s in the Library and back-fill any missing issues as they are able. Clubs can submit newsletters to:

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People - Who’s Who

Prominent people in our nudist history are included in our Who’s Who in Nudism files. Patrons can view the scanned version of the Who’s Who at the Library. Researchers can examine the original files by appointment.

Purpose To honor those who made important contributions to the ongoing history of nudism and naturism, and who influenced and changed social norms, changed laws that discriminated against nudists, and fought to establish nudist rights. The information in the files should include biographical information that also informs the researcher or reader of the personality and creativity of the individual, including his or her moral, social, and artistic contributions to society.

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Audio and Video History

Several hundred videos have been donated to the Library over the years. These show the history of club activities worldwide, commercial theater presentations and depictions of the nudist life. Many audio cassettes echo the history and observations of nudist pioneers, club owners and other prominent people. Visitors to the Library are welcome to view or listen to these items. The ANRL recently donated several very old 35mm nudist movies to the Library of Congress as it could no longer maintain the increasingly fragile celluloid.

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Photographs and Slides

Photographs received by the Library are preserved in albums and separate flat files and are indexed by club, subject or related event. Many photos are on display in the Library depicting nudism from its early beginnings until the present time. Similarly, slides have been donated from time to time. Both photographs and slides will be scanned and digitized to make their viewing by patrons of the Library easier.