April 18, 2014 Board Meeting

Minutes of ANRL’s Board Meeting

Meeting date: Friday, Apr 18, 2014 at the library in Cypress Cove Resort in Kissimmee, FL.

Report submitted by: Bob Proctor, ANRL Secretary - Apr 18, 2014

The audio recording of the meeting is available here

  1. Meeting called to order at 11:00 AM by: President Dave Graber

  2. Roll Call and attendees: Bob Proctor, Secretary
    1. Board: Dave Graber (President), Roger Vonland (2nd Vice President), Bob Proctor (Secretary), Roe Ostheim (Treasurer), Ted Hadley (Director)
    2. Board Members not attending: John Frakes (Vide President)
    3. Others attending: Fred Van Nest, Wayne Wrightstone, Steve Hiss, Tom Bergin, Helen Fisher, David Fisher
  3. Minutes of Jan 17, 2014 meeting: Minutes are available on our Web site at http://anrl.org/Jan-17-2014-board-meeting Bob Proctor mentioned that the significant event from the last meeting was the election of a President and Secretary. A motion to approve the minutes, seconded and accepted.

  4. President’s Report: Dave Graber read his report saying he thanked everyone for being elected president. He reported the primary purpose of ANRL is preservation but also to be a research library. We need to look at how we’re storing the material and protecting it. Dave reported that we’re searching for a Research Librarian and we’re updating SOP (Standard Operating Procedures.) A new layout plan for the Library will be finalized soon and re-organization of material in the Library will follow.

  5. Vide President’s Report: Roger Vonland reported that he’s feeling better after being ill for a while and that he had nothing else to report.

  6. Secretary’s Report:
    • Bob Proctor reported that he’s receiving correspondence on anrl@anrl.org, acting on the issues and engaging others if help is needed. Some mail comes on the depreciated anrl@netzero.net account. One significant recent event was renewal of the Florida Non-Profit Corporation Papers. We paid over $250 to cover missing payments over the last 2+ years. Publicity topics were mentioned later in the meeting but include: Articles in The Bulletin, Cypress Cove Newsletter, and ‘N’ Magazine.
    • Motion to accept Secretary’s Report seconded and approved.
  7. Treasurer’s Report: Roe Ostheim distributed copies of the Treasures Report.
    • Roe reported that there has been no significant difference in finances for this reporting period when compared to previous periods.
    • We spent more on computers, and we have fewer paying members. Digital Fund money is in a CD with an approximate value of $29,084.
    • Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report seconded and approved.
  8. Scanning Report: Ed Westen
    • Ed was not present so Dave presented Ed’s report. Files for scanning are up to date. 2341 magazines that have been scanned and converted to OCR .pdf files.
    • Ed scanned 2 books: one for a member from England and another for Susan Weaver (AANR President).
  9. Newsletter Report: Jim Sweeney was not at the meeting and Dave presented his report
    • 25 clubs provide newsletters
    • 117 Issues so far in 2014
  10. Technical Committee, Bob Proctor reporting
    1. We have a new Windows 8.1 computer for Library Patrons to use
    2. Patron Computer is not working now because of recent thunder storm and electrical surges.
    3. 3 computers are protected by UPS (Un-interuptable Power Supplies) and are working. The Patron computer has no UPS and was victim of the storm.
    4. Dave Graber asked Bob to cover the pack-up plan. Bob will distribute our back-up plan to our Staff.
    5. Bob will be discontinuing Carbonite and replace it with Crashplan which is now working.
    6. People backup is a place where we are vulnerable. For example: there is no back-up for Bob Proctor who is maintaining the Web site and Database.
    7. Bob keeps a copy of Crashplan backups on his Drobo and then clones the Drobo and keeps that in a Safe Deposit Box.
    8. Ted Hadley suggested keeping a backup in the AANR office in Kissimmee.
  11. Membership report: Bob Proctor
    • All membership records are now on the FileMaker 12 database
    • Address verification: Reminder notifications have been sent to all unverified members asking for Email verification: sent by USMail, Email or Phone.
    • Member Statistics
    • 102 have validated Email addresses
      • 12 prefer USMail
      • 38 have no Email address
      • 27 have unvalidated Email addresses
      • 68 Paid-Up dues paying members
      • 9 Over-Due dues paying members (less than a half year over-due)
      • 25 Tardy dues paying members (more than a half year over-due)
    • Delivery of reminders, invoices, membership certificates and membership cards is now being done with Email.
  12. Publicity Report: Bob Proctor
    • Closed Facebook Group now has 76 members
    • The Bulletin, April issue: “Nudist Challenge for Research Librarian”
    • Numerous blurbs in the Cypress Cove Knee
    • Mark Silverstein’s article on ANRL will be included in the April issue of the Naturist Society’s “N” Magazine
  13. Newsletter report:
    • Mark & Becky Silverstein’s report was not available for the meeting.
  14. Old Business
    1. Copyright: Donna Turner resigned as a Volunteer therefore there is nobody looking at Copyright Issues. We purchased a book “Getting Permission” and that’s available for review.
    2. Camera Upgrades: Fred Van Nest reported his findings on Camera Upgrades. He reviewed software, cameras and lenses. He suggests looking at either purchasing a used cameras or a new cameras.
    3. Also to be looked at is repair of our existing camera equipment.
    4. Motion made to authorize the expenditure of up to $2500 from the Digital Fund for the purchase of new camera equipment. Motion seconded and carried.
    5. Motion made to authorize the expenditure of up to $2000 for software upgrades for the book scanner and for post-processing. Motion seconded and carried.
    6. Search for “Research Librarian” continues with investigation of two leads.
    7. Library re-arrangement: Dave has a preliminary draft that we want to finalize in the next couple weeks. The goal is to have most of the re-arrangement done by the end of May.
    8. Book Return Box in the Cove Office was proposed and Ted Hadley said that that could happen.
    9. A center shelf in the Back Room may be built to give us more room.
    10. Trophies and memorabilia are going to be gotten rid of and doing so would give more usable space.
    11. Scanned copies of Who’s Who folders could be added to our Database and possibly made available on-line.
    12. A floorplan will be included in the Library re-arrangement document and that will have room names and will show what material goes in each area.
    13. SOP re-write is now in progress.
    14. Library Events: We had an open house for AANR and a 35’th Anniversary booth 2 weeks ago at the same weekend as the Cove’s 50th Anniversary celebration. Our real anniversary is Sept 3, 2014 and the question is what are we planning for that?
    15. Ted Hadley suggested having a Cove Resident’s Block Party at the Library. The tentative agreement is for November 2014.
    16. Publicity: Need more authors to write blurbs. E-Frog is also an opportunity.
    17. Dave suggested writing short items for “Did You Know?”
  15. Adjournment: Motion made and seconded to adjourn the meeting (12:01 PM), Accepted.