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Amazon Smile Program

Support ANRL by Making Amazon Purchases with the Amazon Smile Program

By Dave Foote

Who in our library audience buys through Amazon? Just about everybody would be my guess—that’s practically a no brainer these days.

ANRL is in a program with Amazon available only to charities and non-profits like ours, through which one-half percent of most Amazon purchases will be donated to our library. With so many purchases made on Amazon these days, all those one-half percent donations add up.

40th Anniversary Bookmark

40th Anniversary Bookmark

  • Updated: May 09, 2019

One small part of the Library’s 40th Anniversary was asking membership to submit ideas for a bookmark.

After review of the many submissions, here is our new bookmark. It has a front and back, one with a female figure and one with a male figure. You will have to decide which is front and which is back.

This is ANRL’s 40th Anniversary Bookmark Banner

Research Library Resources

Research Library Resources

Dec 31, 2014

ANRL is moving into the digital age. We have scanned over 50% of our magazine archive. We are scanning Club Newsletters as we get them and we’re also working on scanning older Newsletters. We plan to scan our book collection and also photos, postcards, and special interest folders. The resources provided in the following links will provide invaluable information for us to manage and organize our digital archives to enable researchers to accomplish their goals.

We encourage our members to use these resources!

ALA Membership

American Nudist Research Library®, Inc. is a member of ALA

We have been a member since around 2002. We encourage members to use the ALA Web Site

ANRL has a Login to the Web site and if you need the UserID and Password then contact ANRL at

35th Anniversary Banner

35th Anniversary Banner

May 01, 2014

ANRL is now showing its 35th Anniversary Banner. 35th Anniversary Banner

The banner is on display near the front door of the library. 35th Anniversary Banner

The banner is flying at the 35th Anniversary Tent event. 35th Dave-Roe

Research-open research projects

Open Research Projects

Jul 18, 2016 Research (Open Research Projects).md

Several researchers are working with ANRL volunteers on their research projects:

Publicize ANRL

Publicize ANRL

Nov 09, 2014


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Oct 17, 2020
ANRL is now listed as a business on Yelp

Oct 16, 2020
ANRL’s quarterly Board meeting was held at the library. Minutes will be posted…

Oct 2, 2020
ANRL’s book recommendation for Oct 2020 is Co-ed Naked Philosophy by Will Forest.

Sep 07, 2020
ANRL’s book recommendation for Sep 2020 is “The Nakeds” by Lisa Glatt

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